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📰 Researchers Unveil Method to Purge AI of Dangerous Knowledge - TIME Magazine 📰 Delta Powers Student Research - NCSA (under prev. title (AI @ UIUC)
📰 Undergraduate Students Receive Grant and Scholarship at FL-ICML - AI.NCSA (under prev. title (AI @ UIUC)

March 2024: We released a new benchmark with the Center for AI Safety
February 2024: Our paper was implemented in LangChain
October 2023: We received the NeurIPS 2023 Scholar Award
October 2023: We presented at Google Research

September 2023: We released a SOTA code generator
July 2023: We received the Cohere For AI Research Grant

July 2023: We received the ICML Early Career Scholarship


Lapis Labs is a student-led academic research group created to help promote research in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence amongst the wider academic student body.

We collaborate with both industry and academic labs across a wide range of subfields towards the goal of conference papers and meaningful contributions.

Our publications can be found here: https://lapis.rocks/publications


We are deeply grateful for the generous support and collaboration from our esteemed sponsors who provide us with the resources to pursue our mission.

Sponsors: Lambda Labs, Cohere, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, the National Science Foundation, and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.


We are always looking for new driven and talented students to join our research team. Both undergraduate and graduate students are welcome, along with anyone else interested hopping on board.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/4j9MABDrcoDEwkoo6

Artist on cover: 👩‍🎨 lindsay.arreguin

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